Family Run


A Message from one of our Founders

“Every so often, something grabs my attention and I pull back on the throttle long enough to evaluate how we are doing as a company. This was the case recently and I am left truly humbled by what I’m learning. Two of our extended client family have recently passed away, and as I reflect, I’m left feeling Grateful. My brother and Partner, Matthew, and I so appreciate the work that you have entrusted us with, and more importantly, the friendships that we have forged in the last 17 years.

“Tradition Built” is a tagline that we use to help us identify who we are. It helps us remember that my Dad, instilled in us a work ethic and commitment to excellence. However, without you, our client partners, we have nothing to “Build”.

I’m going to use the “Customer Built” tagline as I interact with my team, reminding them that we are successful when we partner with fantastic customers like yourselves to achieve an excellent result, both in the product we deliver and the relationships we build.”

-Brian Krueger

Built by Krueger Team

Warren Krueger, Father, Founder, and Inspiration

Who We Are

OUR Founding father

Brian Krueger started Built By Krueger in 1999 after learning from his father, a successful master carpenter, and working in several jobs for a local builder during college. After graduation, they offered him a job as a superintendent. He worked there, taking on a variety of building projects over the next few years. Then Brian wanted to take the next step and asked to buy into the company. Because he wasn’t a family member, they instead offered him a glide path to help him start his own business, which he did after working both jobs for two years.

Built By Krueger became a true family business in 2008 when Warren, the oldest of the five kids, joined as a silent partner to help the company survive the housing market downturn. He and Brian developed a vision to build something that would always be there for their family. When 2008 also became the year of “The Great Humbling” and left the company with several spec homes they couldn’t sell, the focus was still on longevity. In order to keep their commitments to their investors and keep the company whole, Brian and his wife Heather, a realtor with Built By Krueger, sold their personal home and Brian started working out of the basement in their spec home. Then Brian met Nelson Calderon and the two started remodeling basements and taking on any other projects they could find to get the business going again.

Who We Are

Krueger today

In 2015, Matt, the youngest of the five kids, joined the team as the head of sales. Warren also left his corporate job a while later to become Built By Krueger’s head of strategy. Along the way, Built By Krueger has employed many in Colorado, including lots of nieces and nephews.

While Built be Krueger strives for excellence on every job, and makes it their goal to minimize the challenges that arise during any building project, when something does go wrong, the first priority is to make it right and then learn from it.  That’s why they uphold a weekly training meeting.

There will always be new puzzles to solve and new building professionals to develop. We are both excited to step up to every challenge and inspired by the impact we can have on our homeowners and each other as we work together to create beautiful, custom homes people love living in.

Matthew Krueger, Heather Krueger, Brian Krueger, and Nelson Calderon

Built by Krueger