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Heather Krueger

Heather has a people-first approach in all areas of her life, including real estate. Believing that buying and selling houses matters because of the people involved, drives her to do it well. She listens. Then she strives to turn the hopes and dreams of her clients, into new homes, and successful sales. “I love my job, because I enjoy the people I get to work with. It’s very satisfying to play a part in this important moment in their lives.”

As a former home educator to her three kids, Heather has a knack for keeping her clients informed throughout the process of buying or selling their home, so that they know what to expect and are equipped to make decisions along the way. Clear and frequent communication with all the parties involved in a sale or purchase, is a high priority for this natural extrovert. She is readily available and accessible for her clients, knowing that the real estate market can move quickly, yet patient when someone needs time to linger in a home, or consider a decision. Heather’s priority is to make the real estate experience as smooth and stress free as possible while helping each client reach their desired goal. In addition to professionalism, she brings a warm touch and sense of humor to her work.