Built by Krueger Team Brian

Co-Owner and Managing Broker

Brian Krueger

Brian has a reputation to uphold, here in his hometown. As co-owner of “By Krueger” he has spent the last 25 years, in and around Boulder County, developing a name that locals translate to mean an honest, capable and skilled guide through the homebuilding or remodeling process. Brian engages his clients in a relationship that spans before, during and after their building project. “I enjoy spending a year of my life, walking side by side with a client to build their vision of the perfect home. I am proud of the quality of work my team and I deliver. We won’t compromise. Delivering the home to a happy client, is my goal. An ongoing relationship with that customer is the proof that we achieved that goal.”

Brian has been on a construction site since the age of 7, picking up nails by his Dad’s side, where he grew to imitate the strong work ethic and integrity his father modeled. “By Krueger, is our family signature, when we say your home is ‘Built by Krueger’, we are putting our stamp of approval and our reputation on the line. We don’t ever want to compromise that.”

As the managing broker of “Real Estate by Krueger” Brian brings to the company dovetailed skills of both real estate and building. “This combination gives greater value to our clients. Our agents can show a buyer a potential remodel, and our building team can advise regarding remodel costs and capacities and then carry out the changes buyers want to make.” Brian and his family are steeped in real estate and all things related to home building. Outside of that, Brian’s goals are to enjoy and build up his family and home life. For stress relief, road and mountain biking is his hobby of choice.